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Class you would like to use on the testimonial container? This is the testimonial container for this module instance. If you leave this blank, the default value of "veTestimonialRotator" will be used. This is used for you to supply the class name to use as the master container for the DNN Testimonial content.

Css Class you would like applied to the "Add New Testimonial Link": To give you complete control over the output, you can determine your own classes you would like to use. Enter then name of the class that you would like applied to the href tag.

What would you like the Add New Testimonial link to say? The Add New link defaults with the text , "Add a Testimonial". Enter your own text to override this.

If permissions allow, where would you like the "add new" link to appear? You can allow the add new link to show at the top of the testimonials, below, or both

How would you like the testimonials to be displayed?:

Select how the testimonial will displayed on the page. Use the following Tokens to create the display:

**HTML is allowed

This setting defaults to the following:

<div class="testimonial">
    <div class="testimonialQuote">
        <span class="topParentheses"></span>
        <p class="quoteParagraph">[Testimonial]</p>
        <span class="bottomParentheses">&nbsp</span>
    <div class="quotePointer"></div>
    <div class="author">
        <p class="subTitle">[FirstName][LastName],
        <span class="location"> [Location]</span></p>

Select an Animation Option, if desired: Currently the options are:

  • Rotate one at at time
  • Vertical Scrolling
  • Horizontal Scrolling
  • None (this will display a static, non animated list of all the testimonials)


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